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Boo DVD Review

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Boo (2005)

Directed by Anthony C Ferrante

DVD Review: Boo (2005)I had seen the trailer for Boo and it looked good, so I was looking forward to seeing the movie in its entirety. Seeing it at last though, in its entirety, I was entirely disappointed.
Boo was filmed at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles and I cannot think of a better setting. It is a very spooky looking place and just oozes atmosphere. The special effects in Boo were very good too and when people's fingers started to fall off, it looked like peoples fingers were falling off. When people exploded, it looked like they really had exploded, and the resultant debris was suitably sickening.
So, all of this being said, why didn't I enjoy the movie? It's hard to put my finger on it, but I think the main problem was that I didn't find the characters believable. When they acted scared, that was just it, I could tell they were acting. For me it was more like watching someone put on a show than watching a movie and I never got fully drawn into the story. I also didn't care for the characters, so when something bad was happening to them, or it looked like it would be shortly, I just didn't care because none of them were real enough, or likeable enough, for it to matter to me—except the dog. I liked the dog.
The basic story is this:
Two college couples—Freddy and Marie, and Kevin and Jessie, decide to spend Halloween at the deserted Vista Mira Hospital. What the girls don't realize is that the guys have sent their friend Emmett ahead of them to prepare a few Halloween surprises. Of course, when the gang arrive at Vista Mira there is no sign of Emmett or his dog and some of the Halloween surprises seem just a little too real. It is around this time that we discover—rather conveniently—that Jessie is psychic. 
Also trapped in the creepy corridors of the hospital: Allan, who is looking for his sister, who went there with some friends and then vanished along with them; Meg—the aforementioned sister—and a police officer named Arlo Baines, who looks a little like a pimp from a bad 70's film. Arlo is there because he feels obligated to look-out for Allan and Meg. He used to partner with their dead father, who was also a cop. The only other characters in attendance are the ghosts.
Everyone eventually ends up on the third floor that used to house the mental patients and, once there, discover they are trapped.
The DVD does have some bonus material included: The Making of Boo, Inside the Special Effects of Boo, Intensive Scare: Tales of the Linda Vista Hospital, and deleted, alternative, and extended scenes, and a trailer.

Boo DVD (2005)

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I might not have been impressed by Boo, but I did enjoy the short documentary Intensive Scare:Tales of the Linda Vista Hospital. In it, cast and crew recount their own strange experiences on set during the making of Boo.
There is the option of hearing the filmmaker's commentary while you watch the movie. English subtitles are included for the hard of hearing and, for the not so hard of hearing, there is a choice of Dolby Digital 5:1 surround sound, or Dolby Digital 2:0 stereo.



Trish Coren           ....    Jessie Holden
 Rachel Harland       ....  Cindy
 Jilon Ghai               ....  Kevin
 Happy Mahaney     ....   Emmett
 Shirlene Quigley      ....  Honey
 Algie Hamilton        ....  Count Pimpula
 Dig Wayne             ....  Arlo Ray Baines/Dynamite Jones
 Rosamaria Juarez    ....  Louise
 Nicole Rayburn       ....  Marie
 Josh Holt                ....  Freddy
 M. Steven Felty       ....  Jacob
 Michael Samluk       ....  Allan
 Taylor Hurley          ....  Ghost Girl
 Rachel Melvin          ....  Meg
 Terri Novak             ....  Jessie's Mom

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