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A Passion For Horror has changed a lot over the years and continues to do so. Subscribing to the mailing list is a good way to keep informed about what is happening with the site. If I add new reviews or sections to the site I will let you know via a weekly email. If any of my short stories are going to appear on a website, a podcast, or in a book or magazine I will let you know about that as well.

I am currently updating the site to make all the pages display well on mobile phones. This is a long job because the site has nearly 1000 pages.  I began updating A Passion For Horror in September 2015,  there is still a lot to do, and I often get distracted by my work as a freelance writer.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise that you will always receive weekly email. If I am too busy to work on the site there will be nothing to say. However, I can promise I will not inundate your inbox with lots of newsletters. Once a week will be as good as it gets.

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