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Beyond Midnight Radio Show

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Beyond Midnight

(Old Radio Show)

About the Show

Beyond Midnight was a radio show produced in South Africa in the late 1960s by Michael McCabe. The show was broadcast at half-past-nine on Friday nights and was sponsored by Biotech washing powder. Most of the shows could be classed as horror stories or supernatural thrillers, and the series included adaptations of classic tales like "The Signalman" (Charles Dickens) and "The Red Room" (H. G. Wells).

Some of the episodes are available on this site, along with a short summary of each show. 

Available Episodes:

40th Birthday

Dear Ghost


Let Me See Your Face 

Something on His Mind     

The House was a Sphinx

The Man Who Sold His Soul   

The Party

The Paxton's House

The Phantom Coach

The Room

The Signalman

The Thing in the Cabin

The Visits


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