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Beware of Tomorrow: The Sealed Book (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

Beware of Tomorrow

There are many tales in the Great, Sealed Book. Most of them are very strange and this one is no exception. It is the story of scientist, Dick Dale, who is contacted by his mentor, Professor Clark, who wishes to see him, and invites him to visit. The professor lives in a big, old house in the middle of the woods, but, when Dick arrives in town he is lucky enough to be offered a lift by the local Sherriff.

Sherriff Ramsey warns Dick that the professor has acquired a bad reputation in the area and many of the local folk believe he has a glass jar containing the brain of a killer and that he is making the brain grow.

This is all nonsense of course, as Dick soon discovers. There is no glass jar. His friend used part of the brain to construct an artificial man he calls Alpha.

Alpha is very strong and can do the work of three men, but the professor intends to build a better version—Beta—and is already making plans to dismantle Alpha. The mechanical man may be slow, but he is not stupid. He has no desire to be reduced to spare parts, so he kills the professor, hoping to ensure his own survival. The professor's assistant, Barton, then asks Dick to stay and help him to complete the professor's work, but Barton has an agenda so terrible it makes Alpha's crimes pale into insignificance.

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