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The Sealed Book: Escape by Death (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

Escape by Death

"Escape by Death" is the story of two rich, old ladies, Martha and Louise Abbot, who both have mobility problems. Martha can only hobble a little distance and Louise is confined to a wheelchair, so they have been living with their nephew and his wife.

Their nephew Roger appears to be very caring towards them, as does his wife Hester, but Martha and Louise have become unhappy and wish to return to their house in the village. Roger will not hear of the idea though, and he is most insistent that they should stay with him.

Soon after their conversation with Roger the old ladies discover that their house is up for sale. Then when one of their cats drops dead after eating the meat from Martha’s plate,  they become convinced that Roger and Hester are trying to kill them so that they can get their inheritance a little sooner.

"Escape by Death" is not one of the most exciting shows available on this site, but, all in all, there are worse ways to kill half an hour, and there are one or two twists to the tale that should make the experience a little more worthwhile. 

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