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My Beloved Must Die: The Sealed Book (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

My Beloved Must Die

The central character in this dark and twisted tale is a young lady called Joan Sanders. Two months ago her sister, Millie, met a man named Victor Duval. Swept off her feet by Duval's movie star good looks, Millie has decided her fiancé, Frank, is too immature for her and is spending all of her free time with Duval instead.

One night, when Millie is out with Duval, Frank visits Joan and voices his concerns about Millie's new love. By that point Joan has already noticed the change in her sister and Frank's accounts of Duval's evil deeds in the town only serve to worry her more.
When Duval brings Millie home, at 3am, Frank is still waiting. He tries to warn his fiancée of the danger she is in, but Millie will not listen and returns Frank's ring. That is the last time she sees him alive.  Frank is killed in a car accident on the way home.

Worried for her sister, Joan goes to see Duval and requests that he leave Millie alone. His only response is to try and woo his way into Joan's affections as well. Later, when Millie enters Duval's apartment and finds Joan in his arms, she swallows a bottle of poison and dies in front of them. Joan is naturally distraught, but Duval appears to relish Millie's death.

Millie's last words are that Duval is Evil. Joan is all too aware of this fact and, a month after her sister's death, Joan sits waiting to kill him, but preventing the evil Victor Duval from ruining any more lives may prove to be harder than she thinks.

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