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The Sealed Book: The Ghost Makers (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

The Ghost Makers

"The Ghost Makers" is set in the old English village of Wilton and the story begins on an autumn afternoon.  Agatha Wainwright is busy serving tea to her nephew Ned and his friend Professor Piedmont.

Ned and The Professor are going to be staying with Agatha for a few weeks and Ned has led her to believe that the professor will be doing some research for his new book Old Graveyards of New England. The real reason for their visit is more sinister. Agatha’s brother has recently died. He was a very wealthy man and has left her all his money.  Ned wants it. He is Agatha’s only living relative, but if she dies he will not inherit a single penny of the money because Ned’s uncle did not like him and made some special provisions in his will to prevent Ned ever inheriting the family fortune.  Agatha got his house and the income from his investments. She cannot touch any of the capital and when she dies everything goes to charity.

Ned is determined to find a way to get his hands on some of the money though, and has enlisted the professor to help him drive the old lady out of her mind. Then, when she is no longer deemed to be mentally competent he will be able to take over and manage Agatha’s affairs—including her finances.

The evil pair have some pretty devious tricks up their sleeves, and have planned a few nasty surprises for Agatha, but this is a story from the Great Sealed Book, and Agatha is not the only one to receive a nasty surprise.

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