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The Sealed Book: The Hands of Death (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

The Hands of Death

"The Hands of Death" is the story of two brothers, Edward and Kane Morlock. Both of them have an unhealthy interest in murder. Edward has an ever-growing collection of murder relics, while Kane is the San Francisco Strangler and has a rapidly growing collection of victims. Kane also has an axe to grind with his brother because he believes that Edward swindled him out of his inheritance.

When a visitor suggests to Edward that the only thing missing from his collection is a murderer and his victim, Edward devises a sinister plan, by which he can attain both these things and also rid himself of his butler, who as been blackmailing him, and his brother Kane, who is drawing closer to him all the time. It is a dark and twisted plan, and it works a treat, but this is a dark and twisted tale from The Sealed Book and things do not end quite as Edward hopes.

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