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The Sealed Book: The Queen of the Cats (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

The Queen of the Cats

"The Queen of the Cats" is the strange story of a woman who was born with the sole of a cat.  Her name is Rhana and she is very beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that when Chris Arnold accompanies his fiancée, Jane, to a party, and sees Rhana for the first time, it is a case of love at first sight. Chris ditches Jane and within a month he has married Rhana instead. What a guy!

After the two are married though, Chris becomes aware that there is another side to his lady love. Underneath her beauty Rhana is vain, selfish and extremely possessive and Chris begins to dread spending time with his wife and her five pet cats.

There is no doubt about it, Chris has made a mistake, and he knows it. The only way he can rectify that mistake is by getting a divorce, but when Rhana refuses to let him go Chris resorts to desperate measures to attain his freedom. It is of little use though, because even Rhana's death does not set him free; she returns from the grave, not as a woman, but as a big, black cat. 

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