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The Hermit's Cave: Hanson's Ghost (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

Hanson's Ghost

After her father’s death Marion and her husband Douglas decide to visit her uncle Hanson. This was her father’s last wish because he hoped that Hanson, who is very rich, may leave some of his money to Marion.

Before they visit Hanson, however, they visit his friend Dr Thorndyke, who informs Marion that her uncle lives a solitary life in what is believed to be a haunted house. Dr Thorndyke also claims that Hanson has been experimenting with a strange theory and that the last time he saw him Hanson had arranged a little demonstration

Hanson believes that the dead can be recalled and that their souls, when placed inside the body of a living person, can be used to extend human life. Hanson planned to test this theory on himself and was confident that he would never die. Thorndyke had little interest in such a theory though, and instead of entering into the spirit of the occasion he fled the house.

It’s a strange story, but Marion and Douglas decide to go ahead with their visit anyway and Hanson seems to be so normal and well balanced that they soon begin to believe that is Dr Thorndyke who is mad. Things are not what they seem though. Hanson has not discarded his theory at all and when he does become a new man the results are surprising to say the least.

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