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The Hermit's Cave: House of Murder (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

House of Murder

"House of Murder" is a haunted house story. When a scientist named, Jim Burton, purchases a house in the middle of nowhere he hopes for the peace and quiet he needs to conduct his experiments.

Burton's housekeeper, Millie, has worked for him for many years, but she does not like the new house.  Millie believes that the house is haunted and ,fearing to remain there, she walks out and leaves her employer to his own devices.

Burton is a man of science; he does not believe in ghosts, but he soon finds that Millie's fears were not without foundation. At the stroke of midnight  an invisible entity opens the door to his laboratory and begins rifling through his notes.  Then it starts interfering with his experiment. Unable to deal with this matter on his own, Burton calls his friend Lyman Carmer and together the two men sit and watch as the clock ticks it way towards midnight. 

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