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The Hermit's Cave: Plantation Mystery (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

Plantation Mystery

In "Plantation Mystery" a greedy plantation owner, Phil Grenfell, cheats his friend, Tom Whitney, out of his share of the profits, but Grenfell's money does not offer much protection to him when a ghost decides to punish him for his actions.

The first thing the ghost does is to steal the profits from the last banana crop, but Grenfell blames Whitney for the crime and throws him into the plantation jail, an act that turns the natives against him an sends them on strike.

Then when Grenfell is attacked by something he cannot see he blames Whitney for that as well and when his wife reminds him that Whitney is in Jail Grenfell then accuses him of conspiring with the natives and getting them to do his dirty work.

Grenfell's wife tries to talk some sense into him, but the plantation owner is either too stupid or too greedy to listen and soon everyone else is listening to the sound of his screams.

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