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A Passion For Horror

The Hermit's Cave: Spirit Vengeance (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

Spirit Vengeance

"Spirit Vengeance". The name says it all; this is a story of revenge from beyond the grave. It is set in a big old house, on a stormy night, where Professor Sanders and his assistant have been conducting some rather nasty experiments on anyone who turns up at the door.

The Professor's wife seems to be the only sane member of the household and when Mr and Mrs Kenton loose their way and knock at the door Mrs Sanders begs her husband to send their visitors away. "Send away specimens." he says. "But my dear, the way you talk you would think that specimens were easy to get."

Needless to say the Kentons do stop the night and, if not for the intervention of a couple of angry spirits, neither of them would have had the hart to leave the next morning.

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