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The Hermit's Cave: The Crimson Hand (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

The Crimson Hand

This story is set in Paris during World War Two. The Nazi invasion is imminent and the majority of the City’s residents are fleeing the town.  Temple Hunter and his wife Margaret, on the other hand, are looking for a place to rent. Temple’s friend Max knows just the place. A wealthy couple he knows have left Paris for good, their former home is available, and all of the lavish furnishings are still in situ.  

Temp and Margaret rent the house and due to the troubled times they get it cheap, but Margaret senses something strange about the house right from the start and finds it hard to settle there. Unable to stand the dark and foreboding atmosphere, she and Temp spend much of their time in restaurants and other cheerful places.

On their tenth day at the house things take a turn for the worse when they return for the evening and Margaret sees a bloody hand stretch out from behind the drapes. Temple sees nothing and tries to calm his wife’s fears, but later that night he too sees the hand when it floats through their bedroom door and begins flying around the room.

When body parts materialize in your home and start showing off their levitation skills it’s never good news, and for Temp and Margaret this is only the start because the cellar holds a nasty secret.

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