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A Passion For Horror

The Hermit's Cave: The Professor's Elixir (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

The Professor's Elixir

Linda used to be a nightclub entertainer, but her beauty managed to snare a wealthy husband so those days are long behind her. Linda's husband, Justin Herald, still loves her very much, but, while he is enjoying a game of cards with his friend Gable Baxter, Justin tells Gabe that he is afraid of Linda.

While the two men are talking Justin begins getting pains in his chest. He tries to hide this from Gabe, but Gabe is no fool and he is worried about his friend.

It is little wonder that Justin has pains in his chest because, at that very moment, Linda is watching Professor Tondo lean over his bubbling kettle and put the finishing touches on his elixir of death. The Professor adds some white powder to the mix, blue flames leap from the kettle and, although the flames reach towards Linda, Tondo tells her not to worry because the flames are for her husband, who will soon be dead.

Justin dies only moments later, but he somehow knows that Linda is behind his sudden illness. He thinks that she must have poisoned him and his final request is that Gable ensures that an autopsy is performed.

Gable makes sure that the necessary tests are done, but there is no evidence of poison so, as far as the authorities are concerned, Linda is off the hook. Linda is not off the hook with Professor Tondo though. She promised to pay him $3, 000 for his work, but she has not done so, and when the professor pays her an unexpected visit, and demands his money, things soon get very nasty indeed.

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