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A Passion For Horror

The Hermit's Cave: The Search For Life (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

The Search For Life

This episode of The Hermit’s Cave is about a Research Scientist called Hayle Browson who achieves man’s impossible dream and learns the secret of how to defeat death and bring the dead back to life.

Browson’s assistant Cort Mander has grown to hate the nature of their work; giving fresh life to the old and infirm when their souls are crying out to die. Cort explains this to his fiancÚ, Nada Arling and suggests that they run away together and go where nobody knows them. As assistant to the great Hayle Browson, Mander is famous. Nada is an actress and so has her own share of fame, but her career is important to her, more important even than Cort, and she refuses to turn her back on all that she has achieved.

Cort may claim to hate his work, but when his lady-love turns her back on him he decides to kill her and then bring her back to life. He hopes to change her memories, however, and create a new and improved Nada Arling who will be the same in every way, but will have forgotten everything except her love for him. 

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