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A Passion For Horror

The Hermit's Cave: Without End (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

Without End

This is the story of love that has no end, of the deep, dark shadows of sorrow and of dreams that span the bridges of time. It is the story of David and Lorei and David begins by informing the listener that he is just an ordinary guy with hopes and dreams like anyone else and that during the war he was just one of thousands of boys in a foxhole. With death and destruction all around them  though, Dave was the only guy who didn't let it get to him because he had his love to protect him.

Dave's friend Jim had dozens of girls back home, but Dave was happy with just one -- Lorei -- and while the bullets were flying and his friends were dying all around him, Dave always felt safe because he could almost feel Lorei there with him, walking before him and protecting him. Dave told Jim to stick close to him, that Lorei would protect him too, but Jim thought that Dave was mad. Maybe Jim should have listened,  and stuck with his buddy, because Dave made it home in the end and when he arrived Lorei was there waiting for him at their trysting place in the woods  just like she promised.

This story sounds like it has a happy ending, and maybe it does, it all depends on what you consider to be a happy ending. To tell you any more than this though, would spoil the show, so if you want to find out how it all turns out you will have to use the player below and let Dave tell you about it himself.

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