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A Passion For Horror

The Hermit's Cave: Vampire's Desire (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

Vampire's Desire

Mr Winn and his servant, John, are lost on a dark and stormy night and when they find a dismal-looking building, hoping to find shelter, they knock on the door while the thunder crashes overhead. A rather unpleasant old woman comes to the door.  "I don't care what kind of a night it is," she tells them. "You're not welcome." Then she tries to slam the door in their faces, but John manages to get his foot in the door and the two men decide that they are going inside whether they are welcome or not.

There are no lights on inside the house and although the old woman has wandered off, the two men can hear her laughing at them from somewhere in the darkness. It is the laugh of a lunatic, but Winn and John are so cold and wet that they decide they would rather take their chances inside than out. It is not long, however, before they discover that the old woman is not alone in the house and dark forces are at work.

Vampire's Desire is a creepy but rather basic tale. The sound effects are quite good though, and there are worse ways to kill a little time.

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