Public Domain Movie: Horrors of Spider Island (1960)

Horrors of Spider Island: Review

Horrors of Spider Island begins in Los Angeles, where Gary Webster and his assistant, Georgia, are busy interviewing dancers for an assignment in Singapore. All of the interviewees have been hand-picked by talent-scout, Mike Blackwood, and Mike sure must know his stuff because Gary only rejects two of them.

Gary may have found his girls, but they never make it to Singapore because their plane crashes into the sea and after a few days floating around in a raft they find manage to splash and paddle their way to an island.

After spending the night crashed out on the shore Gary and the girls begin exploring the island and when they discover a cabin they are filled with fresh hopes of being rescued. Their hopes are dashed, however, when they see the owner of the cabin. He is hanging around in a great big spiders web and is very busy being dead

There is plenty of food in the cabin, and once they have removed the body Gary and the girls soon make themselves at home. But it’s a warm night, and the cabin is too hot for them, so most of the girls decide to sleep outside. Wouldn’t you if there was a killer spider on the loose?

Gary also finds it a little hot inside the cabin, decides to go for a walk, and soon falls prey to the giant spider. He puts up a good fight, and even manages to kill the eight legged freak, but the damage is already done. He has been bitten.

The spider’s venom was obviously strong enough to kill the owner of the cabin, but it has a very different affect on Gary. Instead of dying he sprouts hair all over his face and hands and his fingers transform into the kind of claws that would make taking a leak rather dangerous to say the least. He also gets a new outlook on life and spends the rest of the film terrorising and killing anyone that he can get his hairy hands onto.

More than anything else Horrors of Spider Island is an exploitation film where gorgeous girls show of their long legs and shapely figures as they dance, fight, and go swimming. And, just to remind the viewer that this is meant to be a horror film, they indulge in a spot of occasional screaming. The plot is weak, the quality of the acting is, at best, acceptable, but as light entertainment it just about works. It would be hard pushed to run a shiver down anybody’s spine though, so if you are looking for a horror film keep on looking, you ain’t found it yet.

Additional Information

Director: Fritz Böttger


Barbara Valentin … Babs
Rainer Brandt … Bobby
Harald Maresch … Joe
Elfie Wagner … Linda
Dorothee Parker … Gladys
Helga Franck … Georgia
Helga Neuner … Ann
Gerry Sammer … May
Eva Schauland … Nelly
Helma Vandenberg … Kate
Walter Faber … Mike Blackwood

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