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DVD Review: The Dark (2005)

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The Dark (2005)

Directed by John Fawcett

The Dark DVD (2005)The Dark is a British horror movie about a couple trying to repair a broken relationship while also grieving over the death of their young daughter.

Maria Bello stars as Adelle, who takes her teenaged daughter, Sarah (Sophie Stuckey), to Wales, so she can visit her father. The movie begins by showing them travelling by and two things are obvious right from the start:

  1. They are hopelessly lost.
  2. Their relationship is not very good.

When night draws in, bringing a storm with it, Adelle and Sarah are forced to spend the night in their car, which is parked near a steep cliff with a deadly drop to the sea below. Near the edge of the cliff is a strange memorial with the name Annwyn marked on it. Later in the film we learn from local odd-job-man Dafydd that, according to Welsh legend, Annwyn is the place people go after death. The legend also states that the dead can return from Annwyn if one of the living exchanges places with them.
Sarah's father, James (Sean Bean), lives in a very remote house and his only company, before his family's arrival, seems to have been Daffydd, who appears to be kept very busy around the place.
The real story doesn't start until Sarah is swept out to sea and drowned. Not long after this Ebrill (Abigail Stone) appears. A distraught Adelle sees the young girl outside the window and, thinking it is Sarah, chases her into the abattoir (every house should have one). When Adelle calls out her daughter's name, Ebrill asks, "Is that who you are looking for? You won't find her here. This is where the sheep come to die." Not long after this interesting snippet of conversation Ebrill vanishes, things start to get a little more mysterious, and Adelle has to find a way of getting her daughter back, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.
The Dark might best be described as a supernatural thriller. The movie does not have a large cast, but it is an effective one and plenty of sheep come flocking in, as extras, under the careful supervision of Elvis the sheepdog.
The movie has some chilling moments, and there are some gruesome moments as well, but nothing too over-the-top. Probably the goriest part of the story is where a mad shepherd bores a hole in someone's skull with a twist drill. There are no close-up shots of this, just a little blood and pieces of bone falling onto the floor. Not nice, I suppose, but it does have its place in the story. 

The Dark DVD (2005)

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The Dark is a UK certificate 15 and the DVD' special features include:

  • Trailer.
  • Interviews with the cast and crew. 
  • Alternative ending. 

I watched the alternative ending, and actually preferred it,  but neither ending really worked for me because they fail to provide a feeling of closure. Having said that, I still enjoyed the movie and it is definitely worth watching.


 Sean Bean ....           James
 Maria Bello ....         Adele
 Richard Elfyn ....      Rowan
 Maurice Roeves .... Dafydd
 Abigail Stone ....       Ebrill
 Sophie Stuckey ....    Sarah

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