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DVD Review: The Lucifer Complex (1978)

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The Lucifer Complex  (1978)

Directed by Kenneth Hartford/David L. Hewitt

DVD Review: The Lucifer Complex (1978)Wow! The Lucifer Complex. What can I say? It really sucks. I had expected it to be a pretty good movie because Robert Vaughn is in it. I was pretty wrong about that, I can tell you, and if I ever do anything really bad, and feel extremely guilty about it, I will watch this movie again as penance. The acting is wooden the story is terrible and I really had to force myself to endure it to the bitter end.

The movie begins by showing the viewer a man who is exploring the mountainous regions of an unspecified island, at some unspecified date in the future. There is a cave in the mountains and not only is it miraculously blessed with an electricity supply, it is also filled with computers and data storage devices. The man enters the cave and seems to be very familiar with all of the equipment. He sits down at a console and starts going through the information stored on laser-disc storage devices on which, it would seem, a lot of the planet's history is recorded in the form of movies which the man watches on one of the monitors. At first he regards the footage from various wars and then, perhaps getting a little bored with that, he watches some girls from the flower-power generation as they dance their little tushes off (possibly Woodstock). As he watches all of this—enlightened soul that he obviously is—he seems to see all the places that man as a species has gone wrong. Eventually he finds some footage about a secret war. The general population never knew a thing about it, but some rather ambitious people had tried to clone themselves a new fuehrer.

Robert Vaughn plays the secret agent that had to infiltrate the island camp of Hitler's wannabe creators, gives them a good old sorting out and generally save the day.

DVD Review: The Lucifer Complex (1978)

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As the story progresses the camera flashes back to the cave every now and again to remind the viewer that they are watching all of this curtsey of the unknown man's archives. Then at the end of the film the guy toddles off again to do some more much needed exploring of his island and get another eyeful of the view. He seems to like the view a lot and stands staring at it all the time the end credits are rolling. Perhaps after being subjected to The Lucifer Complex he just needed to get out and get some air. I don't blame him, I felt much the same way.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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