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DVD Review: The Messengers (2007)

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The Messengers (2007)

Directed by the Pang Brothers

DVD Review: The Messengers (2007)Roy Solomon's big dream is to be a sunflower farmer. And why the hell not? Dreams are good. Everyone needs a dream. Roy decides to make his dream a reality and moves his family out to one of the most old and rundown farmhouses imaginable. The dream starts to turn into a nightmare though, for his daughter, Jess, when strange entities start to manifest themselves in and around the house. To make matters worse only Jess and her little brother, Ben, can see these rather scary looking house guests. In fact it's Ben who sees them first, but Ben is unable to talk and so cannot back up his sister's claims when she tries to tell her doubting parents that all in not well in the old homestead. All Ben can do is point his little pinkies at the apparitions but, if there's a problem, mum and dad just can't seem to see it. Perhaps they are just too busy. Dad has his sunflower seeds to plant and has an ongoing battle with the flocks of rather aggressive crows that are always hanging around the farm. His wife, Denise, has problems of her own. There is a stain on the bedroom wall. She just keeps on washing it off, and it just keeps on coming back (don't you just hate it when that happens?)

I enjoyed watching The Messengers, but I never really figured out what the thing with the crows was all about. I must also admit that, at one point in the movie, I actually jumped in my seat. That is an unusual thing for me.

The special effects are good, the storyline is okay, and the movie has a decent ending. I seem to see too many movies these days that leave me feeling let down at the end, and I was expecting The Messengers to be the same. I was wrong. So, as far as I am concerned, it really is a case of  all's well that ends well.

DVD Review: The Messengers (2007)

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If you decide to watch The Messengers keep an eye open for William B. Davis (the Cancer Man from The X-Files). He turns up a couple of times, early on in the movie, as an estate agent who has a client that wants to buy the Solomon's new home from them for considerably more than they paid for it. Of course, that's' not going to happen. Dad has a dream and he intends to follow it all the way to harvest.


 Kristen Stewart ...  Jess Solomon
 Dylan McDermott ...  Roy Solomon
 Penelope Ann Miller ...  Denise Solomon
 John Corbett ...  Burwell Rollins 
 Evan Turner/Theodore Turner ...  Ben Solomon 
 William B. Davis ...  Colby Price
 Brent Briscoe ...  Plume
 Dustin Milligan ...  Bobby
 Jodelle Ferland ...  Michael Rollins
 Michael Daingerfield ...  Police Officer 
 Tatiana Maslany ...  Lindsay Rollins
 Shirley McQueen ...  Mary Rollins
 Anna Hagan ...  Doctor
 Blaine Hart ...  Charlie
 Graham Bell ...  Jim
 Kaitlyn McMillan ...  Nurse 
 Peter Scoular ...  Deputy


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