White Zombie Movie Poster (with Bela Lugosi)

Theatrical Poster for White Zombie, showing a menacing-looking Bela Lugosi

This White Zombie movie poster is pretty hard to locate these days. The poster companies seem to prefer to sell a different version online. If you can find it, this one is best. It’s more colorful than the other efforts and has a pretty good representation of Bela Lugosi playing the zomibe master, Murder Legendre.

The girl in the poster is supposed to be Madeline, who stole the zombie master’s heart.

Madeleine was played by the actress Madge Bellamy and the poster does not do her justice. As you will see if you watch the movie, Bellamy was an very attractive lady.

If you want to watch read a plot summary/review or watch White Zombie online, you can do so on a different page of this site: Public Domain Movie: White Zombie (1932)

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