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Mystery in the Air

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Mystery in the Air

(Old Radio Show)

About the Show

The Mystery in the Air radio series was aired in 1947. The shows were introduced by the actor Harry Morgan, who many people may best remember for playing Colonel Sherman T. Potter in the M*A*S*H TV series. Morgan always began his introductory speech by reminding listeners that Mystery in the Air starred Peter Lorre and was presented by Camel Cigarettes.

Like Morgan, Peter Lorre was an accomplished and versatile actor, but became typecast and more often than not played sinister characters—such as child killer Hans Beckert in Fritz Lang's M—or devious, untrustworthy characters, like Ugarte in Casablanca. Lorre had such a distinctive voice that, once heard, is not easy to forget. 

For all his talents, Lorre's' acting in Mystery in the Air does not compare well with his onscreen accomplishments, and he often seemed to be forcing his lines, but his contribution was still a selling point for the show and although its run was only short it Mystery in the Air was quite a popular show. 

The Episodes listed below are in alphabetical order. To see the shows listed in order of their broadcast date see the Episode Index.

Available Episodes:

The Black Cat

The Horla   

The Lodger

The Marvellous Barastro   

The Mask of Medusa 

The Queen of Spades


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