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mystery in the air: The Queen of Spades (Radio Show)

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Mystery in the Air

(Old Radio Show)

The Queen of Spades

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The Queen of Spades (online text)

In this episode, based on Aleksandre Pushkin's short story "The Queen of Spades", Loree plays Herman, an engineer in the Russian army. Herman is a gambler at heart, but he is far too careful to risk his money on the turn of a card. Instead Herman just watches while other people gamble. Then Herman hears the tale of an old Countess who holds the secret to winning at cards. The Countess learned the secret from Count Saint-Germain, used it once, won a fortune, and then lay down her cards for good.

Hermann becomes desperate to learn the Countess' secret and manipulates her young companion, playing on her affections, to gain entry into their home. Once he manages to get the Countess alone Hermann begs her to tell him the secret of the winning three cards. The countess tells him the story was a joke, but Hermann does not believe her and resorts to threats instead. When his threats don't work either he strangles the Countess.

In death, however, the Countess relents and, returning from the grave, she tells him he must play three, seven, and ace. These will be his winning cards.

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