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The Sealed Book

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

About the Show

The Sealed Book radio series was originally aired between March 18th and September 9th, 1945. The show was produced and directed by Jock MacGregor and every Sunday night listeners could tune in and listen for the sound of the great gong that heralded another strange and exciting tale from the sealed book.

The shows had a half hour slot between 10:30pm and 11pm. The stories from the pages of the great sealed were a mixture of horror and mystery. Or, as MacGregor described them:

"Tales of every kind, tales of murder, of madness, of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief."

The scripts were written by Robert Arthur and David Kogan, who were also responsible for penning the tales for The Mysterious Traveller radio series, so the stories in the Great Sealed Book were actually reworked versions of stories that had already been aired on the other show.

Available Episodes:

Beware of Tomorrow

Broadway Here I Come

Death at Storm House 

Death Brings Down the Curtain

Death Spins a Web

Design for Death

Devil Island 

Escape by Death

I'll Die Laughing

King of the World

My Beloved Must Die

Out of the Past

Stranger in the House 

The Accusing Corpse

The Ghost Makers

The Hands of Death

The Man with the Stolen Face

The Queen of the Cats

Till Death Do US Part

Welcome Home

You Only Die Once


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