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The Devil's Scrapbook

(Old Radio Show)

About the Show

The Devil's Scrapbook radio series was broadcast in 1936. The show was very similar to The Hermit’s cave. Even the introduction sounded same except the presenter was supposed to Satan instead of the Hermit. Like The Hermit’s Cave, The Devil’s Scrapbook also had the sound of the wind and howling dogs in the introduction and even the devil's opening spiel appeared to have been stolen from the Hermit:

"I am the devil. From my inferno of boiling cauldrons and smoking brimstone, I come to Earth each Monday night to tell you a story from my scrapbook. And it's full of them. Ghost stories. Weird tales of the supernatural. Yes, and murders too! All the horrible tales of the centuries are here in my scrapbook. Listen, if you've got the nerve. Ah, but first, turn out your lights. Turn them off! There now, listen . . ."

Although many episodes of The Hermits Cave have been saved in archives, only one episode of  The Devils Scrapbook has ever turned up online: 

"The Conquest of David Rugg".


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