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The Hermit's Cave

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

About the Show

The Hermit's Cave was a weekly radio show sponsored by Olga Coal. The series was first aired in 1935 and ran for about 10 years. The Hermit presented each show from his cave, to the sound of wolves and the wind howling to each other.

The only sound inside the cave was the Hermit, cackling, as he introduced the story.

Several actors played the Hermit, but John Dehner is probably the person most famous for putting the cackle in the hermit.

Available Episodes:

Buried Alive

Castle by the Sea


From Another World

Hanson's Ghost

House of Murder

It Happened on Sunday

Mr Randall's Discovery

Plantation Mystery

Reflected Image

Spirit Vengeance 

The Author of Murder

The Blackness of Terror

The Black Band

The Crimson Hand 

The Gypsy's Curse

The House of Purple Shadows

The House on Lost Man's Bluff

The Mystery of the Thing

The Nameless Day

The Professor's Elixir

The Search For Life

Vampire's Desire

Without End


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