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The Weird Circle: What Was It? (Radio Show)

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The Hermit's Cave

(Old Radio Show)

What Was It?

The old, brown stone house on 49th street is believed to be haunted, but when the boarders at Mrs Dimmity’s boarding house hear the tales they do not believe them. It is enough to get them curious though, and so they decide to move into the house and try get to the bottom of the mystery.  There are five of them altogether: Dr Hammond, Mrs Dimmity, Ned Saunders, Anne Mitchell, and Countess Harkenby. The Countess is a psychic, so she is delighted to get the chance to spend some time in a haunted house.

They first hear the ghostly moaning 11 pm, but the Countess is the only one who believes that the noise has a supernatural origin. The rest of the group say that it is only the wind, so the Countess suggests that they hold a sťance and soon has them all gathered in a circle, in the dark.  Anne quickly becomes distressed by it all though, and complains that somebody is squeezing her hand too hard. She blames Ned at first, but he tells her that his hands are in his lap. Dr Hammond says he is sitting across from her, Mrs Dimmity is adamant that it is not her either and the Countess is singing the same tune. But when the light are put on there is a bruise on Anne’s hand, so something must have been holding onto her, but what was it?

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