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A Passion For Horror

The Sealed Book: Broadway Here I Come (Radio Show)

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The Sealed Book

(Old Radio Show)

Broadway Here I Come

This tale from The Sealed Book begins at a cabaret in a small Californian town.  George Williams is sitting watching his wife young wife Kitty dancing with Eddy Davis. They are having a laugh at his expense, but George is oblivious to their scorn. He has a bad heart, has been warned by his doctor that he needs to take it easy, and feels so exhausted that he wants to go home.  Kitty has other ideas. She wants another dance with Eddy, who is keen to get her to leave George, run away to Broadway with him, and be his dancing partner. Kitty has too much too lose though. George is a very wealthy man and she plans to stay with him until his heart gives up the ghost, and she becomes a rich widow.

Eddy does not have Kitty’s patience, so he busies himself looking for a new partner and his lady-love gets so jealous that she finally agrees to leave her husband. They will need some money of course, and, as Eddy’s pockets are filled with fresh air, they break into Georges safe and help themselves to his money.  Eddy’s safe-cracking skills consist of a big hammer and a lot of swinging. It's noisy work and he makes so much noise that he wakes up George, who gets so upset that he has a heart attack.  Kitty rushes for his medicine, but Eddy knocks the bottle from her hand and, together, they watch the big man die.  The last words out of George’s mouth are a curse. He tells them that it is blood money and they won’t go far with it. Needless to say, George is absolutely right. Their dancing days are over and the nasty pair deserve everything they get.

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