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DVD Review: Sexy Killer (2008)

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Sexy Killer (2008)
(aka Barbykiller, morirás por ella)

Directed by Miguel Martí

DVD Review: Sexy Killer (2008)Sexy Killer is a Spanish horror movie. A dubbed soundtrack was not an option on my DVD, but I prefer subtitles, so this was not an issue for me.

The cenral character is a medical student called Barbara (
Macarena Gómez). She is young and beautiful, and a very sexy killer, who claims her first victim—a peeping-tom—within the first few minutes of the movie. All the poor guy wanted was to get a peek at some young student flesh, but he picked the wrong girl and ended up losing his head over her. Literally! It ended up in Barbara’s fridge.

Decapitation may seem like a drastic punishment for loitering around the female changing rooms, but it doesn't take much to set the sexy killer off. Beat her to the last red dress at the boutique and she will kill you. Disappoint her in bed, then slap her when she starts laughing, and she will kill you. And if you run over her dog! Man! That means real trouble. Do that and she will kill you extra slow.

With an attitude like that the bodies are soon piling up. The Campus Killer is big news and the police have no idea who is behind the deaths. Nobody suspects Barbara of course, because she is a girl and she looks too damn good to do anything so bad.

Barbara might be a killer, but she is also human and, like anyone else, she can fall in love, which she does, with fellow student Tomas, who she believes is also a serial killer. She has got him wrong though. Tomas is just a hard working student who is helping the police by doing the post-mortems on Barbara’s victims. He does have one secret though. Tomas has built a machine that can transform brainwaves into images and when he realizes that his machine will also work on dead bodies he sets to work trying to extract the final memories of Barbara’s victims. He expects to discover the identity of the killer, and it is a good plan, but it all goes pear-shaped. Tomas’ machine resurrects the victims instead and he soon has an army of vengeful zombies on his hands.

Sexy Killer is a black comedy and, although there is no shortage of blood and gore, it is a fun movie and I defy anyone to watch it without a smile on their face. You may be surprised to learn that there is very little nudity in Sexy Killer. The only flesh on show is in the opening sequence and if you blink you will miss it. There are a few sex scenes, but they are more hilarious than erotic. “Are you lubricating yet?” one lover asks Barbara, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. “Don’t know. Are you inside?” she replies, while flicking through the channels on the TV.  “If you want me to fake an orgasm, let me know, OK?”

DVD Review: Sexy Killer (2008)

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If you are looking for some serious horror Sexy Killer may not be for you, it is far too light-hearted to compete with slasher movies like Halloween or Friday 13th. The slashing is there, and the blood splatters and drips and flows, but it is all very tongue-in-cheek. This movie is more about entertainment value than shocking the viewer. But if you have a sense of humour and are not repulsed by the sight of blood—or a refrigerated head—Sexy Killer has a lot to offer and if it does give you bad dreams I doubt that they will be nightmares.


    Macarena Gómez    ...     Bárbara / Sexykiller
    Alejo Sauras    ...     Álex
    César Camino    ...     Tomás
    Ángel de Andrés López    ...    Inspector
    Juan Carlos Vellido    ...     Profesor Anatomía
    Nadia Casado    ...     Clara
    Juan Díaz    ...     Jesús
    David Tenreiro    ...     Santiago
    Fernando Ramallo    ...     Ángel
    Ramón Langa    ...     Decano
    Jimmy Barnatán    ...     Chico jardín
    Eloi Yebra    ...     Chico jardín
    Paco León    ...     Cameo víctima coche
    Luciano Federico    ...     Comisario jefe
    Andreu Castro    ...     Edu
    Carolina Bona    ...     María
    Nani Jiménez    ...     Chica monja
    Víctor Duplá    ...     Agente Ibáñez
    Alfonso Señas    ...     Alumno Mate
    María San Juan    ...     Modelo revista
    Raúl Rocamora    ...     Camillero
    Rebeca Sala    ...     Chica demonio
    Álvaro Ramos    ...     Chico muerte
    Alberto Chaves    ...     Chico smoking / Caracuero
    Pablo Pinedo    ...     Hombre 180 Kg.
    Ángela Fidalgo    ...     Madre Bárbara
    Jonatan Nieva Rivero    ...     Regidor
    Pablo Escobedo    ...     Reportero TV
    Jaime Rodrigo    ...     Reportero radio
    Begoña Labrador    ...     Reportera Antena 3
    Penélope Velasco    ...     Reportera Channel
    Dámaso Conde    ...     Reportero
    Lucas Fuica    ...     Camarero
    Karen Calderón    ...     Secretaria decano
    Natalia Braceli    ...     Chica friki
    Oscar Salcedo    ...     Chico nazi
    Diego A. Manrique    ...     Locutor Radio Martí (voice)
    Octavi Pujades    ...     Autoestopista

DVD Information:

Aspect Ratio







82 minutes

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