My Stuff

The following is not a complete list of my publishing credits. Other things have been written. Other things have been published. This list catalogues only works of fiction, most of which are horror stories.



A story about a little boy whose hiding place becomes his prison.

“Sanctuary” makes its first appearance on the Pseudopod podcast and is one of three stories used in a special flash fiction edition. All the stories share one thing in common: grief. You can find it at  Pseudopod 411: Flash on the Borderlands XXIII.


“Under the Turf”

My post-apocalyptic flash fiction story “Under the Turf” is included in the anthology Vignettes from the End of the World.



“Scott Is”

My literary flash fiction story “Scott Is” is available to read online at Every Day Fiction. It’s not a horror story, but you may still enjoy it. If you want to check it out you can read it HERE.



Written in Blood: A Horror Anthology

Written in Blood is an anthology of seven of my short stories. Six of the stories are reprints, but one of the stories, “The Club” has never been published before. On two different occasions the story was accepted by magazines, but in both cases the magazines were discontinued by their publishers before “The Club” could be used. I thought it might be nice if I added a little fresh blood to Written in Blood so I added it to the mix. Written in Blood is only available for Amazon Kindle.



“Any Port in a Storm”

My erotic story “Any Port in a Storm” was published online at Every Night Erotica.


“The Cracks in the Ceiling”

“The Cracks in the Ceiling” is a short erotic story with a dark undertone. It was the June 2nd story at Every Night Erotica.


“The Prince of Vanity”

My horror story “The Prince of Vanity” was included in issue 9 of Necrotic Tissue.


“Breakfast Surprise”

My erotic story “Breakfast Surprise” wass included in the January update of For the Girls (erotica website).



Nanofiction in Nanoism 27-11-2009 No horror in this one, but it’s good for a giggle and it’s only two sentences long.


“Monster Talk”

Everyone bitches about the poor old monster in the closet, but have you ever wondered what it is like to actually be a monster in the closet? Well, have you? If you have then you might want to pop on over and pay a visit to the folks over at the Drabblecast because my story “Monster Talk” is included in Drabblecast 130 — Trifecta IX Be warned though, fans of all things dark and dreary, “Monster Talk” is not a horror story. Don’t worry I’m still a horror-loving dude; I just got a little sidetracked when I wrote this one and it ended up being a humorous story. Click here and learn the truth about the monster in your closet.


Nanofiction in Nanoism 19/05/09. At just 24 words in length this one is short and shocking.


“The Deadline”

“The Deadline” was included in the first issue of Necrography. You can find out more about the issue by clicking HERE.


“Red on Red”

“Red on Red” was included in issue 5 (April 15th 2009) of UnMasked Online: An Erotic Journal.



“Spot Me”

“Spot Me” is included in issue 16 of The Written Word. Sadly issue 16 is also the final issue.


“Animal Rights”

“Animal Rights” was included in issue #1 of Arkham Tales.


“The Flat”

“The Flat” was published on the Big Pulp website.


“Danny and the Ghost”

I can’t really call this one a horror story, but it does have a ghost in it. “Danny and the Ghost” is a children’s story and was, as mentioned lower down on this page, published on the Gorlan website in 2005. That website is no longer online, but I have found the story a new home on Stories that Lift, where you can read it online or, if you prefer, listen to it narrated by Cary Alan. [Update: Stories that Lift has also bit the dust].


“Petey’s Christmas”

“Petey’s Christmas” was included in issue 60 of Hub Magazine.


“The Survivor”

“The Survivor” was included in the Summer 2008 issue of The Rose & Thorn Literary E-zine.


“The Living Proof”

Cassie is strapped to a gurney and she can’t get free. “It’s a waste of time, dear,” the man in the white coat assures her and he’s right, but Cassie is only twenty-six and she doesn’t want to die. “The Living Proof” was included in issue three of Necrotic Tissue (July 2008).




More humour than horror I’m afraid. “Hormones” wass included in the online anthology I Am This Meat (published November 07).



“The Tumi”

For those of you who don’t know, a tumi is an Incan sacrificial knife. The Incans used tumis for cutting people’s hearts out, before they offered them, still beating, as a sacrifice to the sun. That should give you a good idea about the story. No happy endings in this one I am afraid. “The Tumi” was included in issue 17 of Chillout (Winter 2006) and won the readers’ vote for best story.


“Spot Me”

“Spot Me” is more humour than horror. It was included in Scriptor 6 (Oct 2006).




“Sloan” was included in the Winter 2005 issue of Lookout. It’s a story about a dying writer who attempts to cheat death.


“No More Pain”

Not a horror story, but perhaps one that makes the reader a little apprehensive about what fate has in store for the central character. “No More Pain” was published issue 312 of Cauldron (November 2005).


“The Cure”

“The Cure” was published on the Whispers of Wickedness website (Oct 2005).


“Uncle John”

This story was included in the first—and only—issue of Dark of Night magazine (Sep-Oct 2005).



“Stalker” appeared in Best (issue 33/05 — 23rd Aug 2005). This was the first time that any of my work appeared in national publication. Best is a women’s magazine, not a horror market, so there is nothing too harsh in this story.


“Danny and the Ghost”

What’s it about? Danny and a ghost, of course, but I suppose you guessed that already. This is the only children’s story I have written. “Danny and the Ghost” appeared on the Gorlan Website (Feb 2005).




This story is a little unusual and hard to categorise. Mild, psychological horror would be my closest attempt. “Sleepy” was my entry in a quarterly competition run by, UK small press magazine, The New Cauldron. It won and the story was published in issue #308 (Oct/Nov 2004).