Public Domain Movie: Black Dragons (1942)

Black Dragons: Review

People who are fans of Bela Lugosi will probably want to watch Black Dragons. Those who are not may want to think twice about wasting their time on it. Lugosi is suitably sinister, but that is about the his presence is the only redeeming feature in this pointless spy-yarn set just before the second World War.

The dialogue is unbelievably unbelievable, a lot of it is delivered in a manner that is so wooden Pinocchio would be proud of, and little in the way of explanation is offered about what is happening and why. The whys and wherefores ¬†are finally revealed at the end of the movie, but many people may find it wasn’t worth the wait. Fortunately the whole shebang is over and done with in little more than an hour.

Additional Information

Director: William Nigh


Joan Barclay … Alice Saunders
George Pembroke … Dr. William Saunders

Clayton Moore … FBI Agent Richard (Dick) Martin
Robert Frazer … Amos Hanlin
Edward Peil Sr. … Ryder
Robert Fiske … Phillip Wallace
Irving Mitchell … John Van Dyke
Kenneth Harlan … FBI Chief Colton
Max Hoffman Jr. … Kearney
Frank Melton … FBI agent
Joseph Eggenton … Stevens, the butler

Dr. Melcher … Bela Lugosi
I. Stanford Jolley … The Dragon

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