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Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Fog

The Fog is one of the creepier episodes of Inner Sanctum Mysteries. It’s set on a narrow island joined to the Florida mainland by a bridge. There is a long house on the island and inside that house, two men stand at the window and watch a thick fog roll in from the sea and obscure the lights from the mainland. One of the men is the owner of the house and his name is Arthur. The other man is his friend Vincent, who Arthur invited over keep him company because Arthur is afraid to be alone. For the past week, Arthur has had the feeling that death was going to come to the island and then when he saw the fog rolling in he knew that it would be that night.

As they stand at the window Arthur tells his friend about his premonition. Vincent thinks that Arthur is being ridiculous and he tells him so, but Arthur will not listen and says that Vincent does not understand: Valerie has come back!

Valerie was Arthur’s wife and she hated him, but she has been dead for six months and Vincent reminds Arthur of this fact. Vincent’s argument is sound but, moments later, when the phone rings, it is Valerie and she has a message for her husband: “You have six hours to live Arthur, just six more hours.”

Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Fog

(Listen to the Full Episode)

(Listen to the Full Episode)