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Public Domain Movie: The Devil in a Convent (1899)

The Devil in a Convent: Review

At the beginning of The Devil in a Convent the Devil appears in a convent and masquerades as a priest. The master of deception fools the nuns for a while but soon shows his true colours and when the nuns flee from his diabolical presence the Devil redecorates the convent to his own hideous tastes.

That done he summons up some demons to keep him company and make the place more like home. Then it’s party time until some angelic gatecrashers appear, bearing crosses, and chase the demonic horde away. The Devil stays to fight the forces of good, and more or less holds his own until St Michael appears and banishes him.

If you bear in mind that this short horror was produced in 1899, the special effects are amazing. Nobody could compare them to modern day special effects, but for 1899, when moving pictures were still a new idea, Méliès achievements are nothing short of incredible.

Additional Information

Director: Georges Méliès

AKA: Le Diable au Convent