Beyond Midnight: The Thing in the Cabin

The Thing in the Cabin is a dramatization of F. Marion Crawford’s short story The Upper Berth. The central character is a man named Brisbane who recalls for the listener the last time he crossed the Atlantic on what was at the time one of his favourite ships, The Kamtschatka. Brisbane does not intend to travel on the vessel again. It was a particularly unsettling voyage for him because he was given a haunted cabin, where something rather unsavoury occupied the upper berth, and the last three occupants jumped overboard during the night.

The Beyond Midnight dramatization of The Upper Berth is remarkably faithful to Crawford’s original story and although the sound quality of this recording is rather poor, The Thing in the Cabin is a very enjoyable episode to listen to and a credit to the series.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: The Thing in the Cabin

(Listen to the Full Episode)

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