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Beyond Midnight: The Room (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

“The Room” is based on H.G. Wells’ short story “The Red Room”. The story is about a man called Ronald Todd who is offered £1,000 to spend the night in a haunted room. In this adaptation, however, it is not a red room, but a yellow one and Todd will have to earn his money one way or the other because Mrs Watts, the lady who is paying him, intends to lock him in.

There are three characters in the Beyond Midnight version of H.G. Well’s classic ghost story: Mrs Watts, Ronald Todd, and a priest called Father Doyle who is not happy about the experiment and fears for Todd’s safety.

Father Doyle is present on the evening of the experiment. While he is downstairs arguing with Mrs Watts, upstairs, in the yellow room, Ronald Todd is rushing around lighting candles that are being blown out so fast that it becomes hard for him to keep up. The candles though are the least of his worries.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: The Room

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