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Beyond Midnight: 40th Birthday (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

With his 40th birthday drawing ever nearer Robert Holmes is feeling insecure about a great many things and one of those things is his marriage. Robert’s wife is only 29, but she looks 23. She is also very beautiful and Robert has seen the way that she looks at the younger men in the club and he worries that some of those younger men are not above reciprocating her interest.

Robert works for his wife’s father, in the family business, and it was his wife who brought the money to the marriage. In many ways, he is nothing without her. If she leaves him Robert will also lose his home, his financial security, and very probably his job. Robert believes that the only answer to his problem lays in his wife’s death, but she is filled with youth and vitality, and longevity is a family trait, so a natural death any time soon does not seem likely. Robert decides that there is only one solution: he will have to murder his wife.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: 40th Birthday

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