Beyond Midnight: Harry (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

This episode of Beyond Midnight begins with Mrs James sharing her fears with the listener, and explaining that the most ordinary things fill her with dread: sunshine, sharp shadows on the grass, white roses, children with red hair, and the name “Harry”. It’s a strange confession to make and she knows it, but as she recounts the events that preceded her fears the dreadful truth of the matter becomes all too clear.

Mrs James and her husband adopted a little girl named Christine. She had red hair and, when she was five, just before she was due to start school, Christine suddenly began talking to the rose bush in the garden. This unexpected turn of events filled her mother with a strange dread, and her fears increased when Christine told her that she was not talking to the roses, but to Harry, who claims he is her brother.

When Mrs James tells her husband about Harry, he states many children have imaginary friends—he used to have one himself—but suggests she take Christine to the doctors, and get her checked out, if it will put her mind at rest.

The doctor also considers it quite normal for an only child, with no friends of her own age, to invent a companion, and he thinks that Harry will be forgotten soon enough when Christine starts school and finds some real friends to play with.

The doctor’s wise words prove to be little comfort to Mrs James when she begins seeing strange boy-shaped shadows near the rose bush in the garden and flashes of red hair. As her fear grows, Mrs James contacts the adoption office and tries to get some background information about her little girl. The new information only makes her fears grow, and not long after her visit Christine goes missing from school. Another Harry-related incident? Perhaps, but if you want to know more you will have to listen to the show.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: Harry

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