Beyond Midnight: Dear Ghost (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

“Dear Ghost” is set in England during the summer of 1921 and the narrator tells the listener that it was the most marvellous summer of living memory and he was 21-years-old.

The young man decides to get away from his parent’s home and goes to spend some time in Chrome Stratford. He arrives by train and, on the Stationmaster’s suggestion, goes to board in a little cottage owned by two old ladies. He plans to stay for six weeks and to use his time to write a novel. His plans all come to nought, however, because he feels so at home in the cottage that he does not feel like writing.

After a while though, the young man begins to feel afraid. He senses something in the cottage and no longer feels comfortable with being left alone there when the ladies go out. Then the situation takes a new turn and he realizes that the cottage is haunted.

This is not a great story, but it is reasonably entertaining and the jolly-sounding piano music that is played between some of the scenes is so inappropriate for a ghost story that I could not help, but smile.

Unfortunately, the audio quality of this recording is rather poor, but it is, I suppose, rather appropriate because, in the days when this programme was originally broadcast, it was probably not uncommon to hear a certain amount of crackling from the speakers anyway.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: Dear Ghost

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