Beyond Midnight: The Party (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

The central character in “The Party” is an actress named Laura Lane. The beginning of the story finds her fast asleep in her dressing room on the night of a party to celebrate the premiere of her movie Star-Crossed Love.

Laura is a big star, but she has a secret. Before the face surgery and change of name she used to be a burlesque girl. That Laura, then called Gloria Gordon, is now dead as far as Laura is concerned. Her husband George is also dead—for real—or so she thinks until George turns up in her dressing room. He is not a ghost though. Laura soon learns that the reports of her husband’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

George was never a nice guy and he has not changed. He is still her legal husband and now he has tracked her down he wants her money. And other things too. Laura is quite a looker, and George wants to do a lot more than just look. Laura manages to fend off her amorous ex and caves in his skull with a statue. This gets George off her back forever, but she now has more to worry about than skeletons in the closet. She has a body on the floor and George proves to be as much trouble dead as he was alive.

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: The Party

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