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Beyond Midnight: Something on His Mind (Episode Information and MP3 of the Show)

Something on his Mind is quite a nasty story. It’s set in Borneo, where planter George Thring discovers that his wife Rona has been having an affair with his business partner Peter Macey.

George is usually a nice guy who would quite happily give away the shirt off his back if anyone asked him for it. He’s also a very possessive and jealous man and Macey does little to hide his feelings about Rona. When George grows suspicious and confronts his wife  she tries to deny everything, but George is no fool. Rona turns her back on him and says she is going to bed, but George forbids her to go until he has the truth. In the end, Rona is forced to admit that she and Macey have been lovers for four months.

At first, George seems to take this shocking admission quite well, but he is only biding his time while he plots his revenge. When George finally takes action his revenge is of the most diabolical nature and involves not a gun or a knife, but an insect. In Borneo, there is a breed of mammoth earwig with a body as long as that of a good-sized caterpillar and as fine as a spider’s web. Its body is so delicate in nature that it can often walk across human skin without its presence even being noticed. In the wild, the earwig lives on the waxy secretions produced by some plants and trees, but it has a distinct liking for the human ear. Once inside the ear, it is unable to turn around and is forced to continue moving ever forward, eating as it goes. Nasty!

Beyond Midnight Radio Show: Something On His Mind

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