Dark Fantasy: The Headless Dead

The Headless Dead is an original story written for the Dark Fantasy radio show by Scott Bishop.

When Frederick Holman visits the Tower of London he scoffs at the idea of the Tower being haunted. His guide, Mr Swifte, believes otherwise and is more than happy to show Holman the haunted chapel.

Standing in the choir loft, Holman looks down to the chapel below and comments how deserted it looks. Swifte is quick to differ. He tells Holman the chapel is not as deserted as it appears to be. The flagstones on the floor, in front of the altar, are the tombstones that mark the final resting place of the Headless Dead.

When Swifte goes to lock up the rest of the building Holman decides to remain in the chapel a little longer and falls asleep in a pew. When he wakes up he discovers he is locked in and long, bony arms are pushing up the flagstones from the floor.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Headless Dead

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