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Dark Fantasy: The House of Bread

The House of Bread is an extremely weird tale. It’s also one of the more unusual episodes of the Dark Fantasy radio series because it’s introduced by the man responsible for writing all the episodes of the show. His name is Scott Bishop and he begins the story by telling the listener that he fell asleep at his typewriter one evening and had a dream.

In the dream, Bishop found himself sitting on a high precipice and looking down on the world. Bishop believed that he was alone until an old man began to speak to him. He was a very wise old man, who identified himself as Word, and he offered Bishop much wisdom before telling him to seek out the House of Bread.

So Bishop turned his back on his career and, taking his girlfriend Sonia with him, he travelled far and wide in search of the elusive House of Bread.

Although The House of Bread is a weird tale, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a horror story and, despite the name of the series, neither is it a dark fantasy. This one is just a fantasy but, if you have an appetite for the strange and weird, you will be able to eat your fill in “The House of Bread”.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The House of Bread

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