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Dark Fantasy: The Man with the Scarlet Satchel

“The Man with the Scarlet Satchel” is a rather basic tale of revenge from beyond the grave. The dead guy is a scientist named Peter Craig, who is an expert in electrical engineering. The people who killed him? Rose Esther (his nurse) and Sam Willard (his attorney).

Sam had been handling Peter’s legal affairs for seven years and took it upon himself to draft a new will that left him everything. Peter knew nothing of this and would never have put his signature to it if the kindly Rose Esther had not drugged him before the documents were presented to him. Signing that will was like signing his own death warrant because it gave Sam and Rose Esther exactly what they wanted and Peter died the same night.

Where does the scarlet satchel come into it? When Peter makes his unexpected return he is carrying the satchel with him. Scarlet is his favourite colour because it reminds him of blood and the satchel has something very nasty inside.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Man with the Scarlet Satchel

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