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Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Episode List and Information

The Dark Fantasy radio show first aired in November 1941 from Oklahoma City’s WKY radio station but was later syndicated across the US via the NBC Network. All the stories were written by Scott Bishop. The show ran for a total of 31 episodes and the final episode was aired on June 19th 1942.

W Is for Werewolf (Dark Fantasy Radio Show)

The show had a late night radio slot so some of the tales transmitted were a little darker than those of competing radio shows, broadcast earlier in the evenings.

The Dark Fantasy radio show was presented by Keith Paynton and he had an easier job than many similar American radio show hosts.

The presenter of the Hermit’s Cave had to provide a weekly introduction to his show and adopt the cackling voice of the hermit. The Sealed Book began with a consultation with the keeper of the Great Sealed Book, and other radio shows had similar arrangements. Keith Paynton’s only purpose was to announce the title of each episode, so Dark Fantasy was a little lacking in character when compared with some of the aforementioned old radio shows.


List of Dark Fantasy Episodes Available on This Site

You can listen to all of the following episodes right here on this site. You can also read a short summary of each of the shows.

A Delicate Case of Murder

Dead Hands Reaching

Death is a Savage Deity

Debt from the Past

Funeral Arrangements Completed

I Am Your Brother

Men Call Me Mad

Pennsylvanian Turnpike

Rendezvous With Satan

Resolution 1841

Spawn of the Subhuman

Superstition be Hanged

The Cup of Gold

The Curse of the Neanderthal

The Demon Tree

The Edge of the Shadow

The Headless Dead

The House of Bread

The Letter From Yesterday

The Man Who Came Back

The Man with the Scarlet Satchel

The Sea Phantom

The Thing from the Darkness

The Thing From The Sea

W is for Werewolf