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Dark Fantasy: The Letter from Yesterday

The Letter From Yesterday begins in a library where loud-mouthed Adam Chase is looking for a book of Hydrokinetics. He doesn’t expect to find one though. Jacksonville is only a small town and its library is tiny. Much to his surprise, however, the Jacksonville library has all of the most up to date books about hydrokinetics, but when he finds the  has the exact book that he wants, right there on the table in front of him, Adam finds that he cannot concentrate because his mind is filled with thoughts of the librarian, Cecily Marshall. She’s a good looking girl and he cannot help but wonder what she is doing in Jacksonville. More importantly, he wonders what she will be doing after work.

That last question is soon answered because Adam is new in town and has not got a library card. That means he cannot take out his much-needed book. Cecily has a library card though, and so, at Adam’s suggestion, she takes the book home with her and allows him to study there, that very same evening and every other evening too. Love is in the air and marriage appears imminent until Adam vanishes on a trip to Washington. Adam returns three months later and the two are married, but a lost letter, written fifty-three ago ads a strange twist to the tale.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Letter from Yesterday

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