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Dark Fantasy: Death Is a Savage Deity

Death is a Savage Deity begins with the sound of music. Wanda is playing her organ. Her niece Dolores enters the room. She needs to talk. Dolores is confused about the death of Andrews. He was always so happy and full of the joys of life. Now he is dead. He committed suicide and Dolores cannot understand why her friend would take his own life.

Wanda is less than sympathetic and tells Dolores, “He was blind. He couldn’t stand the thought of being without the use of his eyes.” Wanda also points out that she had cautioned Andrews many times that he should take care of his eyes, but he never listened. Wanda is good at warning people and, only moments later, she is busy warning Dolores’ Finance Jim to be careful of the lily pond. It’s dangerous, she tells him. He must not get too near to the edge. The strange thing is that the lily pond is not very deep at all, and certainly not as dangerous as Wanda seems to think. But guess what! Jim ends up drowning in the pond just the same.


Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Death Is a Savage Deity

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