Dark Fantasy: The Cup of Gold

The Cup of Gold begins at a golf tournament, where golfer Jan Mason hopes to win the golden cup from the present champion Truman Davies. Jan started off his career as Truman’s caddy, so it makes an interesting story when he beats his former employer and wins the golden cup. Unfortunately, Jan never gets his hands on the cup because he is shot just as it is about to be handed over to him.

Radio announcer, Lee Saunders, witnesses the murder and tracks down the killer, a woman named Ruth Kendish. Lee knows that he has a story, but he is not sure what it is. He is out of luck with Ruth because although she may have fired the gun, she has no memory of what she did or why she did it. All that she can remember is receiving some incense in the mail – three little cones – along with a note telling her to set light to one of the cones at 1 pm precisely. Ruth had no intention following her instructions and tried to put the whole thing out of her mind, but at 1 pm exactly she found herself lighting one of the cones anyway. Everything after that is a blank until she woke up, on her bed, with a gun in her hand.

Lee is intrigued by all of this, lights one of the remaining cones, and succeeds in getting his story after all; but it a very strange story indeed, and it all began many centuries ago, and 10 million miles away, on the planet Ventor.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Cup of Gold

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