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Dark Fantasy: Pennsylvanian Turnpike

Pennsylvanian Turnpike begins with a stranger walking into a remote diner. He tells the owner of the diner, Joe Davies, he is hitchhiking, but little else that comes out of his mouth makes much sense and the stranger seems pretty vague when he is questioned about where he has come from or where he is going. Then when Joe offers him a sandwich the stranger does not even know what a sandwich is, so Joe shows him one. The stranger looks at it and tells him, “Never seen nothing like that before.” If what he says is true, though, there could be good reason for his ignorance because the stranger claims to be 220-years-old.

Of course, Joe finds the stranger’s story hard to swallow, but he does his best to humour the old boy, who seems eager to find a man with red hair. He owes the fella a debt and he assures Joe that he is a man who always pays his debts.

Joe tells the stranger that he does not know anybody like that, but moments later another stranger walks into the diner and underneath his hat he has a head of shiny red hair.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Pennsylvanian Turnpike

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